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Lorne, Australia – Mantra 0

Mantra Lorne, Great Ocean Road Being the only beachfront property in Lorne, Mantra Lorne offers wonderful accommodation in one of Australia’s most sought after destinations, the Great Ocean Road. Built around the oldest guesthouse in Victoria, Mantra Lorne is now a part of the rich history of Lorne and

Lorne, Australia – The Bottle of Milk 0

Trafoodle’s restaurant of choice in Lorne is The Bottle of Milk. A fantastic, family friendly burger restaurant that delivers quality food and friendly service. All the beef used in the burgers is 100% premium quality Australian beef and the burgers are surrounded by freshly baked organic La Madre buns.

Lorne – Victoria, Australia 0

Lorne is located in Victoria and sits in one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Australia, the Great Ocean Road. The main foreshore of Lorne is lined with Cafes and boutiques with not a fast food chain in sight. The locals have managed to keep Lorne mostly free